Electronic Episcopal Liturgical Calendar

EuchLectSamp1bThe following are iCalendar files that contain liturgical calendar entries…At least in beta form.  They are the creation of the Rev. Richard E. Fichter, Jr.  They are free to everyone – you may also distribute them as you please – but you may not sell them!

Please note that the calendar runs Advent to Advent (with St. Andrew’s Day in the new liturgical year).

REMEMBER — it is always best to create a new calendar on your device for the entries so they can be rapidly erased!

The Liturgical Year 2020

The Liturgical Year 2021

The Liturgical Year 2022

The Liturgical Year 2023

The Liturgical Year 2024

If you use Outlook, load the calendars into Outlook and then sync with the iPad.  There is formatting that does not follow from iPad to Outlook…

If you load them directly into the iPad, first go into the Calendar app and create a unique calendar for the entries.  By doing this you will be able to remove all the entries (100+ per year) by removing the unique calendar.  (Outlook automatically creates a unique calendar for each file).

These iCalendar entries are generated using code written in Visual Basic running in an Access Database.  The code follows the rules as specified in The Book of Common Prayer (USA 1979) pages 15-18, 31-33.  Only principal feasts are included (i.e. those list on pages 31-33).

The lessons citations are from the pdf replacement pages for the RCL.  There appears to be a mistake in that pdf with Evening/Vigil of Pentecost – there appears to be a “rogue” Psalm choice unless they want a Psalm after the second lesson…

You are welcome to share… please let me know of any errors you find as the calendar is auto-generated (rfichterjr@episcotech.org).